IKEv2/IPSec on iOS

These are guidelines for those who want to connect their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to Connecto VPN.

Step 1

Choose location from which you'd like to surf the net and click to the chosen location.

Your can't download profile right now. To get it you have to sign in first.

You'll see the modal window, press Allow to start importing VPN profile.

Step 2

Go through profile installation proccess by tapping Install, then enter your passcode and confirm, that you're want to enable our VPN on your device

Screenshot 1 for step 2
Screenshot 2 for step 2
Screenshot 3 for step 2
Step 3

Now, when your VPN profile is installed you may enable VPN connection. To do so, go to Settings → General → VPN. If you prefer VPN connection to be enabled all the time, go to details and enable On Demand option. Enjoy your secure and anonymous VPN connection.

Screenshot 1 for step 3
Screenshot 2 for step 3

Need help?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any issues.
You always can email us to support@veesecurity.com on English or Russian.