OpenConnect on Windows

These are guidelines for those who want to connect their Windows computers to Connecto VPN.

Step 1

Install the open source OpenConnect app to your Windows computer.

Step 2

Open installed app, press Settings icon on the right and choose New Profile.

Screenshot for step 2
Step 3

Choose location from which you'd like to surf the net and copy its hostname to the field in the app.

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US flag
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To get real hostnames you have to sign in first.
Screenshot for step 3

Then click Save & Connect.

Step 4

For first time you will be asked for the server identity confirmation. Just press Accurate Information button.

Screenshot for step 3
Step 5

Then you will be asked for username and then for the password. Fill them with your unique credentials below.

To get your real access credentials you have to sign in first.
Screenshot for step 4
Step 6

Fill your credentials and the connection will be established.

Congratulations! A little icon in the status bar will represent your VPN connection. Enjoy your anonymous and secure VPN connection.

Screenshot for step 5

Need help?

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